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Mid-life crisis…



I am not buying a Porsche…..


I am selling it….



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Manual Machine

Built this with Now during the weekend. It is a training tool for making wheelies without pedalling which are called “Manuals”…so this is a “Manual Machine”…

It is made so that it can be dis-assembled easily to put in the garage.

There is a single nut to hold the balancing arm, which we 3D printed.



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Slicer Nut

The Berkel slicer is very nice and very precise for cutting thin slices of ham, however it is a pain to clean as there is some sort of nut which is difficult to remove.

Here comes 3D printing to the rescue. Made a few versions of a removal tool and settled on the final simple design of a “Captured” nut.

It works very well and the white PLA print, looks appropriate for food and “white goods”.

In the background some paper “thinking” about a manual machine for Noe ! Soon to be built ….




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Leo is dead…need a nice memorial plaque !

Tonton qu’est fou had to do a memorial for Leo…as he is now…6 feet under.

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Brioche – Everybody likes it

I really like the brioche that my mum makes when we go on holiday in France during the summer. It is just a pain to wait 12 months to have some brioche! Decided to get a new bread maker from Panasonic (the old one still had an American plug and we have been back from the USA for 8 years now…)

The Brioche recipe is very good and works very well with the automatic bread maker.




Ingredients :

  • 400g White Flour
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1.25 Teaspoon Yeast
  • 2 eggs mixed with water so that it makes 280g
  • 4 Tablespoons of dried milk
  • 4 Tablespoons of sugar
  • 50g of butter early in the recipe and then 70g of butter later. (cut in 2cm pieces). Make sure butter is cold from the fridge.


How to make :

  • Mix all the ingredients (with the first batch of butter). Ideally all of them at room temperature.
  • You should get a nice dough ball.
  • Then mix the extra butter by kneading for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Leave to rise for a couple of hours.
  • Cook in over / breadmaker.


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Fish Migration

Fishes have moved house during the garden refurbishment…they now live in the garage…it was not easy to move everything and keep the carp in the bucket!



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Is it really necessary ?

First drive, ever, in first car, ever, ….is it really necessary to be a Lambo…or was it a Jag…growing too fast

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More Ham

I am continuing my experiments in spices and cooking temperatures as well as a method for cooking such as sous-vide or slow roast etc…

Latest is normal roast in the oven with a temperature probe inside the ham to check “when” it is done rather than relying on weight etc…Target temperature was 63 Celsius.

Interestingly, once the ham was removed from the oven, the temperature continued to rise for a little while. As a consequence, a 63 Celsius in the oven ends-up being more like 65/66 once out. This is very different compared to sous-vide cooking which only cooks at the exact temperature.

In the oven the “180 degrees” outside of the ham, slowly make their way to the center until the center is at 63 degrees.

In sous-vide the whole ham will cook evenly to the 63 degrees.

This ham was made with some spices and 2 table spoons of brown sugar to coat the ham. Delicious…


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Almost ready for holidays

About to go on holiday but feeling blue with all the rain in the UK and 50 years birthday bash coming soon….

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Sous-Vide Temperatures

Some Temperatures for sous-vide cooking from a couple of books.



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Work with Beth


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Ski Racing !

Happy I can still race down a track…loved the family racing all together!



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Cleaned the toilet !

It was a spring clean requirement!…



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Trivet 2

Made a new Trivet design, inspired from some Pinterest boards I had visited months ago…

Laser cut from 3mm Bamboo, then glued together to make 9mm thick, then sanded to 2000 grit to give nice feel and sheen.

The fit could be better, I did not take into account the Laser Kerf in the design and also I might have botched the laser settings in terms of focus and therefore beam thickness.

Compared to the “3 Branches” version, this one would be more expensive to produce as more cuts and trickier fit. The “design look” is nice but probably does not warrant the extra effort to produce compared to the 3 branches one. Still, I like it.

I should sign it.

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